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Effective Oct 1/13

AESO has been awarded a rate increase effective October 1, 13.  The impact on our Transmission Access cost is estimated at 10 to 12%.  At the same time, AESO has announed their Rider C will be set at 0 for the 4th quarter.    In order to recover the additional costs resulting from the provincial increase in transmission rates, the current City of Lethbridge Rider C set at $0.006/kWh will remain in effect till further notice. 

April 2, 2013

AESO has posted Rider C for the 2nd quarter of 2013. Effective April 1, 2013 Rider C is $0.009/kWh.  The City of Lethbridge will recover/refund AESO deferrals as we are advised of them.  Information regarding Rider C is available at


January 3, 2013 

A Revised Rider C has been posted by AESO.  The 2012 rider will stay in effect for the first quarter of 2013.  AESO also advises they will be applying to recover/refund any deferral balances related to 2012 in their next application.  Deferrals from 2013 will be recovered as soon as the AUC Bulletin is not longer in effect. 

Rider C in Lethbridge will remain at $0.003/kWh until we are advised of changes. 

December 27, 2012:
Change to City of Lethbridge Electric utility Charges “Rider C”

Effective January 1, 2013 Rider C will be increased from a charge of $0.003 per kWh to a charge of $0.0053 kWh. 

How does this affect my electric bill?

Example – an average residential consumer using 650 kWh per month was charged $1.95 for Rider C in 2012.  In 2013 this will increase to $3.44.

Why is this happening?

The new provincial rate structure for the collection of transmission costs was approved effective July 1, 2011.  In 2012 the provincial government froze all transmission and distribution costs while they conducted a review of electric charges.  The review has been completed and the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) has posted the new rider that will affect all customers.  The City of Lethbridge passes on the costs as we are advised of them. 

What will happen next?

Rider C will continue to be adjusted as required