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2020 Tipping Rates

(unless otherwise specified)
Recyclable 0​
FREE​​ Household hazardous waste (residential customers only), electronic wastepaint, oil, tires, bicycles, lawnmowers and trimmers, propane bottles/tanks, batteries​, ​mercury thermostats, sharps
Recyclable 10*​$10​/tonneAsphalt pavement, brick, gravel, clean sand (without dirt and debris), porcelain sinks and toilets, metal including appliances (Freon appliance fee may apply)
​Recyclable 25*
​$25/tonneConcrete foundations, sidewalks, rubble (max. size 2.5' by 2.5'), grass, leaves and garden waste suitable for on-site recycling or composting (without waste, plastic or other contaminants)
​Recyclable 35*​$35/tonne​Green wood - branches, trunks, wood chips, stumps (without roots , waste, plastic or other contaminants)
Recyclable 50*
​$55/tonneClean new construction drywall without paint and other debris
​Recyclable 55*
​Clean recyclable asphalt shingles and tar paper without waste and other debris
​Recyclable 60*
​$60/tonne​​White wood - pallets, dimensional lumber (without glues, paint, waste, plastic or other contaminants)
​Recyclable 75*
​$75/tonneConcrete which is recyclable but contains pieces over 2.5' by 2.5' or excessively high rebar content
Clean Topsoil and Sod
​$5/tonneTopsoil and sod without and contaminants such as waste, gravel and subsoil
Waste Soil
​$50/tonneThis includes chemically impacted soil that meets analytical requirements, as well as subsoil
General Waste
​Mixed waste from residential, commercial and institutional sources, including household, office, retail, small business, construction, demolition and renovation waste
​Special Waste**​$130/tonne

​Waste containing industrial process waste, asbestos, animal waste, and asphalt/wooden shingle for disposal. This waste generally requires additional handling to protect equipment, and for site safety considerations, and may be subject to pitting fees 

Please call the Landfill Operator at 403-359-7188 prior to your visit

​​Untarped Load Surchar​ge
​$20/load - under 1000kg

$40/load - over 1000kg
​Applies to all loads that are not in enclosed containers, covered with a tarpaulin or firmly covered and secured in a manner such that no material will leave the vehicle or trailer
​Subsoil Sales
​$5/tonne​Sales of subsoil that is removed from the site
​Pitting Surcharge
​$250 per 5 m3 pit area
​For waste requiring separate disposal pits
Freon Appliance Surcharge​$35/unit​Applied to loads containing refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, ​​​water​ coolers, or any Freon containing appliance without proof of ​safe removal by a licensed individual​​
​Improper Disposal Surcharge​$250-$2500/load​​Applies to any load which has been improperly disposed or placed at an unapproved location. Waste facility staff may remove and dispose of such Waste at the expense of the Owner, who shall pay for such expenses on demand. Fee may be waived if the customer rectifies the problem
All rates are per tonne unless otherwise specified
Mixed loads will be charged based on the highest rate material in the load

* Waste & Recycling Services may negotiate rates for commodities marked with an asterisk (*) for customers offering bulk volumes, provided the Director of Infrastructure Services approves the terms
 ** Asbestos, sludge, sump waste, packing house materials and other items require special handling procedures. All special waste loads must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to delivery with load sizes, container type and material type described. All loads require a City of Lethbridge manifest and need to be registered with the landfill operator by calling 403-359-7188. ​Special waste disposal is weather dependent and scheduled deliveries may need to be cancelled under certain weather conditions.
For inquiries please call the Scalehouse at 403-327-3288.