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Backyard Composters

How much does the City sell composters for?


What are the dimensions of the composter?

33" diameter by 33" height

Note that the composter can be broken down into two sections at the seam (midway of the composter) for transport.

How can I get a composter?

Visit 4th floor of City Hall to pay in person, or call 403-320-3076 to pay by phone using credit or debit. You can also put the charge onto your utility account bill if you have your customer account number.
Composters can be picked up at any of the three Yard Waste Sites after payment. Sites are open 7 days a week, 9am to 7pm, between April 1 and November 30.

Where can I learn how to use my composter?

​The Earth Machine is the brand of composter that the City sells. Click here to visit The Earth Machine website.   
Click here for Alberta Environment's Backyard Composting brochure with useful information on getting started and maintaining your compost.

What else do I need to get started?

Backyard composting can be very simple (a pile and pitch-fork will do) but many people prefer to use accessories that help make the process more efficient and tidy. For your convenience, Waste & Recycling Services also sells the following accessories:
Compost turner ($15) - To turn compost, simply plunge the tool vertically into the compost pile and pull up. Find out more here.

Kitchen catcher ($5) - Many people keep a bucket on the counter or under the sink to deposit fruit and vegetable scraps until they make a trip to the composter. The SureClose kitchen catcher is specially designed for the job. Read about it here.  
​***These accessories are 'pick-up only' unless you are already having a composter delivered.

How can I compost larger amounts of yard waste?

Take your bagged leaves, small branches, garden waste and pumpkins to the Yard Waste Recycling Site or the Waste and Recycling Center. Click on the site names to find out more.


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