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Cardboard comes in many forms and sizes, and most of it is recyclable. Cereal boxes, shoe boxes and moving boxes are all examples of recyclable cardboard. Cardboard that is contaminated with grease or food residue, such as a pizza box, are not recyclable.

What's the best option for managing my cardboard?



Look for opportunities to reduce how much cardboard you use. For example, many online purchases, when shipped come in a cardboard box. You can reduce this by not shopping online as often, or when you do, buy in bulk so that it comes in a large box rather than multiple small ones.


Most cardboard boxes can easily be reused for extra storage, crafts, moving, mailing items, and gift packaging! Get creative!


Clean cardboard is accepted at our recycling stations and in our curbside recycling program.


Dispose of any dirty cardboard that is contaminated with grease or food residue into your black cart. It is better to throw out your dirty recyclables than contaminate the clean ones.