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Environment Week


What is Environment Week about?


What does it mean to care about the environment? You don't need to hike up your socks, love science, or hug a tree! Just spending time outside, breathing clean air and enjoying what nature has to offer makes you an environmentalist.

These are simple things. These are the basics. Let's get together ​and enjoy them!


Lethbridge Environment Week Events for 2018

June 3 to 9

Say No to Plastic Challenge

 Let’s celebrate Environment Week by giving up single-use plastics! Between June 3rd and 9th, say no to plastic straws, bags, coffee cups, water bottles and take-out containers and utensils.

Saturday, June 2

1:00 – 3:00 pm Shoreline Clean Up

Location: Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

Join Environment Lethbridge and the Helen Schuler Nature Centre for a shoreline clean up in the River Valley.

Please bring gloves, a hat, water and good shoes.

Monday, June 4

10:00 AM  Sustainability in Lethbridge Radio Broadcast

Tune in to Jess FM at 10:00 am to learn more about sustainability in Lethbridge with host Mandy Sandbach of SOULfully Soil and Dill Jopp, Applefest Coordinator.

6:00-8:00 pm Introduction to Community Gardening Tour & Workshop

Location: Copperwood Community Garden

Learn about what a community garden is and the importance and benefits of community gardening. Then we will take a tour of the Copperwood Community Garden to see how community gardens are planned and to showcase the work of the amazing volunteers at the Copperwood Community Garden.


Tuesday, June 5

4:00-6:00 pm Green Trivia at Green Drinks

Owl Acoustic Lounge 411-3 Ave S, Lethbridge

Environment Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Public Library have teamed up to a host a green trivia night! Have a drink, meet some new people, answer some green trivia questions and win some great prizes! All ages are welcome.

Tuesday, June 5 – Thursday, June 7

5th Annual KEPA Summit

Kainai Ecosystem Protection Association is hosting their 5th annual summit.  This year’s theme is Napi’s Land, where they will be discussing connecting traditional ecological knowledge with western science. Each day there will be morning of presentations, and each afternoon the registrants will travel to the field to learn more about the Kainai culture and history.

Thursday, June 7

6:00 pm DIY Household Cleaner Workshop

Location: Interfaith Food Bank, 103 3 Ave North, Lethbridge

SOULFully Soil and the Interfaith Food Bank are hosting a workshop on making household cleaners. Learn the how to’s, where to’s and tricks for making your own cleaners.

To register, please contact Interfaith Food Bank (403) 320-8779.

Friday, June 8

7:00 pm SEED: The Untold Story

Location: Penny Building, 324-5th St S, Lethbridge

Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and the Centre for Culture and Community are screening the critically acclaimed documentary, SEED: The Untold Story. This film is about the importance of heirloom seeds to the agriculture of the world, focusing on seed keepers and activists from around the world.

Contact Mandy Sandbach at to reserve a seat!

Saturday, June 9

10:00 am – 2:00 pm Recycling Round-Up

Locations: London Drugs Parking Lot

Bring your difficult to recycle items such as furniture, metal, car seats, electronics and bicycles to London Drugs for their annual recycling round-up.

1:00-4:00 pm Nature Play Day

Location: Henderson Lake Park

Everyone is welcome to attend this special event to experience play-based activities hosted by over 20 local organizations. Families are encouraged to attend to enjoy free activities and be inspired by the simple joys of playing outside! Hosted by the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

12:00-2:00 pm Seed Saving Workshop

Location: École La Vérendrye, 625 21 Street South, Lethbridge

Learn about the how to’s of seed saving with Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association and Melanie Gowland.

Contact Mandy Sandbach at to register.

7:00 pm Bugs & Beer Tasting

Location: [Theoretically] Brewing Company, 1263 2 Avenue South, Lethbridge

Curious about alternative protein sources? Join Go Eat Bugs, Environment Lethbridge and [Theoretically] Brewing Company for as we pair different bug recipes with locally-made beer!

Tickets are $30 per person.


Sunday, June 10

1:30 – 3:30 pm Fix It Fair

Location: Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization

Do you have items in need of repair? Bring them to the Fix-it Fair. Watch our website for more details about which items can be repaired.

The City of Lethbridge - Environmental Actions At a Glance

 Did you know that the City of Lethbridge Parks department uses solar energy for lighting and irrigation controls? Or that the Facility Services department has completed deconstruction projects that have diverted up to 95% of construction and demolition waste from the landfill? The City of Lethbridge has provided a brief look at what actions individual departments have made to promote environmental sustainability. A display was set up in 2012 in the foyer of City Hall during Environment Week. View it by clicking here.


Something GREEN to do every day of the week!

Plant Something Green
Want to learn more about Xeriscaping?

A Xeriscape™ is a yard or garden that follows certain principles of being practical and environmentally friendly. The term Xeriscape™ comes from the Greek word ‘xeros’ meaning dry and ‘scape’ as in landscape. In a nutshell, Xeriscape is a method of landscaping that uses drought-tolerant and/or native plants that naturally thrive in dry prairie environments and therefore require less water and maintenance.

Carbon Footprint
What is a Carbon Footprint?
The term “carbon footprint” refers to the equivalent amount of carbon emissions we cause in the environment by the lifestyles we live, including by the vehicles we drive and how often and far we drive them, the amount of energy and type of appliances and equipment we use in our homes and yards and the purchases we make. Our carbon footprint shows us the impact we are having on the environment.
How do I calculate my Carbon Footprint?  
This is a basic “carbon footprint” calculator that factors in living conditions, automobile information and air travel.


How can I reduce my Carbon Footprint?


“Simple changes in our everyday lives can help slow climate change — including reducing our energy consumption, choosing to travel sustainably, and being conscious of what we purchase.” David Suzuki


Get GREEN Involved
 There are many different ways you can get involved. You can get involved locally and make a difference in your own neighbourhood! Check out some of these local events and programs.


What is a GREEN Gym?

An outdoor green gym is similar to an indoor gym. The equipment is installed outdoors so it is robust, weatherproof and colourful.  The equipment is inviting, and looks more like a friendly playground than intimidating fitness equipment.


Where are the GREEN Gyms located in Lethbridge?

 Lethbridge has three outdoor GREEN Gyms located at Lakeview Park on the South Side, St. Edward Park on the North Side, and Kiwanis Park on the south side.​



Star Gazing
Celebrate the night and get back to basics. What better way to unwind than to lay on the grass and star gaze!



Want to learn more about Star Gazing?
The Lethbridge Astronomy Society has a major commitment to public education. Throughout the fall, winter and spring the Society holds evening sessions for school classes and different groups.