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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I recycle electronics in Lethbridge? 
Electronics such as TVs, computers, microwaves, and phones can be taken to the Waste and Recycling Centre (landfill). The program is free to residents. For a full list of accepted items click here.

Who do I call when my garbage is missed?

Lethbridge 311 can help you with all waste collection related inquiries. Call 311 to submit your service request

Will the landfill close in high wind conditions?

Yes. This is to prevent the dispersion of litter and is required to meet environmental standards. Please take note that sometimes the winds are felt stronger at the landfill than in the city . Call 311 before you go to be sure.

Does Lethbridge recycle styrofoam?
Not yet, but the City is looking into a solution. For more information click here​.

What does the City of Lethbridge recycle?
For a full list of recyclable items click here.

What are the 'rules' surrounding waste and recycling services?
The Waste Bylaw refers to all collection fees, collection services, and the 'rules' regarding how customers can ensure consistent service. View the bylaw by clicking here.



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