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Hard Plastics (#1-7)

Hard plastic is recyclable if it has the symbol #1-7 and is larger than the palm of your hand. If it is a mixed material, it needs to be handled differently. For example, hand soap with a pump (plastic pump with metal spring) needs to be separated from the plastic body. Once removed, rinse the plastic body for recycling and throw the pump into your garbage.

What's the best option for managing my hard plastics (#1-7)?


The best option for plastic is to reduce your consumption. Say 'No' to single-use plastics like straws, disposable cups, plastic bags and other 'throw-away' items. Opt for reusable products instead!


Try reusing your plastic containers before recycling them.

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Recycle your clean plastics in your blue cart or at the Recycling Stations.

For more information and tips on preparing your recycling click here. 


Try one of the above options instead of placing in your black cart.

For more information

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