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Paint and Paint Containers

Acceptable Paint & Products for Recycling:

Drop off your paint for recycling Monday through Saturday, free of charge at the Waste & Recycling Centre.

(**All paints less than 100 ml or greater than 23 L in size are not eligible)

Eligible Paint Products:

    • Paint-based aerosols (spray paint)
    • Blank aerosol cans
    • Water-based paint e.g. latex, acrylic
    • Oil and solvent-based (alkyd)
    • Chalk-based paint 
    • Craft and artist paints 
    • Drywall paint 
    • Ink-based paints 
    • Metal paints:
      • Decorative
      • Rust preventative coatings
    • Milk-based paints
    • Enamels (standard single component)
    • Epoxies (pre-catalyzed)
    • Textured paint:
      • Stone effects coatings
      • Stucco paint
      • Swimming pool coating (single component)
      • Truck bed coating

Eligible Top Coats (single component, waterborne/water-based or solvent-based):

    • Glazes
    • Lacquers:
      • pre-catalyzed and nitrocellulose
      • water borne
    • Polyurethanes
    • Shellac and shellac-based products
    • Urethanes
    • Varnishes

Eligible Stains and Finishes:

    • Barn and fence
    • Deck
    • Floor
    • Porch and patio
    • Wood finishing oils and stains

Eligible Sealers (non-tar or non-bitumen-based):

    • Concrete sealer
    • Driveway paints or sealers
    • Elastomeric coatings (water-based only)
    • Encapsulant coatings
    • Liquid block filler
    • Masonry Sealer
    • Stain blocking paint
    • Undercoat
    • Water repellent sealers

Eligible Miscellaneous:

    • Solvents, thinners and mineral spirits
    • Primers and undercoats
    • Deck cleaners 
    • Dry fog coating 
    • Fire-retardant/resistive coating e.g. Pink Shield
    • Marine paint and enamel (non anti-fouling. Must not contain pesticides)
    • Scenic, movie set paint
    • Strippers for paint, coatings and wallpaper removal 
    • Traffic marking paint (aerosol/spray paint)
    • Tree marking paint
    • Wood preservatives (non-creosote) 

Paint & Products Not Acceptable for Recycling:

Ineligible Products:

    • All paints less than 100 ml or greater than 23 L in size
    • Acid stains
    • Automotive paints (non-aerosol)
    • Battery terminal protectors and battery cleaners
    • Brushes, rags and rollers
    • Corrosive products
    • Industrial coatings:
      • Heat reactive coatings
      • High temperature coatings
      • Impacted-immersion coatings
      • Mastic coatings
      • Nuclear coatings
      • Quick dry coatings (primers, enamels)
      • Two-part or multi-component coatings requiring catalyzing reaction
      • Please see the industrial paint definition.
    • Rubber coatings:
      • Thermoplastic rubber
      • Liquid rubber sealant
    • Tar-based and bituminous coatings; Tar based aerosol or liquid: 
      • Roof patch tars and greases 
    • Colorants and tints 
    • Paint or wood preservatives containing pesticides 
    • Glues, adhesives, caulking compounds 
    • Spray adhesives 
    • Fiberglass resins 
Commercial and Trade Painters with large volumes of paint can choose to make arrangements with a paint processor.


For more information

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Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
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