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Paper is almost always recyclable; the only exceptions are if the paper is dirty or it is wrapping paper. Sometimes paper is made of different materials that aren't recyclable or that are hard to separate from the fiber. Great examples of recyclable paper are newspaper, printer paper and magazines.

What's the best option for managing my paper?


The best option for reducing your paper consumption is going electronic! Sign up for paperless bills, e-newsletters, e-books or audiobooks and share documents electronically.



Paper can be easily reused for crafts, wrapping paper or packing paper. When you're moving or mailing an item, try using your old newspapers as packaging rather than bubble wrap or plastics! 

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Recycle your clean paper at the Recycling Stations or in your blue cart.  

What about Wrapping Paper? Even though it may seem like it can go in the recycling, wrapping paper often contains a mixture of materials (like shiny or metallic coatings, glitters and colored dyes) that make wrapping paper unrecyclable. Please do not put in your blue cart.



Wrapping paper and other mixed material or dirty paper should be placed in your black cart.

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