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Plastic Bags and Film

Plastic grocery bags, wrap and similar products (stretchy like a bread bag) are called film plastic. The non-stretchy, crinkly plastic that you find inside a cereal box is not recyclable – it is garbage. As with all recycling, if you can’t get it clean it is better to put it in the garbage to avoid contamination.

What's the best option for managing my Plastic Bags?



The most impactful thing you can do to help is reduce the amount of film plastic you consume. Next time you're out shopping, bring a reuseable bag with you to carry your purchases.


The next best option is to reuse any plastic bags you accumulate for bagging pet waste, diapers and any other individually contained messes.


Finally, recycle your plastic bags and film. They are not accepted in our blue cart program, but take them to any of our recycling stations or take back to participating retailers. Remove any materials inside the bags as to not create contamination. Lethbridge is a windy city, please stuff all bags into one bag and tie it before recycling to make sure they don’t end up as litter and stuck in our beautiful Cottonwood trees.


Dispose of any dirty plastic bags, food wrap, bubble wrap, ziploc bags, or chip bags in your black cart.