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Project Overview, Purpose and Commitments

Project Overview

The City of Lethbridge is undertaking a master plan for the future development of the Waste & Recycling Centre.  The Waste & Recycling Centre (formerly the Lethbridge Regional Landfill) has been providing safe and environmentally sound disposal of waste generated in Lethbridge and the surrounding region since the late 1980s.  Communities using the centre include:
• City of Lethbridge
• County of Lethbridge
• Coalhurst
• Coaldale
• Vulcan
• County of Vulcan
The area currently permitted for landfill is approaching capacity.  At current disposal rates it is estimated that there is between 12 and 15 years of capacity available.  The City has additional land adjacent to the centre and will be seeking approval from Alberta Environment to expand the landfill’s permitted area (or footprint) as well as the maximum height for waste placement.

What is the purpose of the Waste & Recycling Centre Master Plan?

To ensure that the expanded centre has been carefully engineered using advanced landfill technology and to ensure the safety and protection of neighbours and the surrounding environment.  Some key components of the plan include:
1. Technical review of the suitability of the adjacent land for landfill setting including soil analysis and location of major aquifers.
2. Public Consultation Process.  It is important that information is available to the public and stakeholders so that they understand the project and so that communication is two way.  The City is interested in concerns regarding the project and is committed to dealing with project challenges.  The public consultation process includes:
 a. Issues Collection - Door to Door Interviews (February 8 - March 8, 2011), 
                                       Public Workshop (March 9, 2011) 
 b. Open Houses - May 4 & June 22, 2011
Individuals interested in additional involvement in the project are invited to attend Feedback Group Meetings April 20th and June 8th, 2011 by calling, 403-320-3114, to register.
3. Facility design.  The design will attempt to mitigate concerns that may be identified through the Public Consultation Process.
4. Investigation of alternative disposal technologies.  Consideration will be given to the most appropriate alternative technology and to when such a technology would be viable with the volume of waste generated in the region.
5. Application to Alberta Environment for the approval to expand the facility as described in the Master Plan.

What are the City of Lethbridge's commitments concerning the project?

To ensure that citizens in the City and surrounding region have access to safe and affordable waste disposal and that the environment is protected.  We have a firm commitment to the County of Lethbridge, and the Centre’s immediate neighbours as well as to surrounding communities. This commitment extends to being a responsible environmental steward and engaged community member.
The City is committed to:
• Keeping the community and stakeholders informed
• Seeking input from stakeholders
• Listening to understand concerns
• Looking for opportunities
• Where possible, addressing concerns through the design process


Steve Rozee, Waste & Recycling Specialist