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Recycling Item List

​​The City of Lethbridge recycles all of the items listed below.

Accepted at the Recycling Stations:

 CardboardClean and flattened cardboard and boxboard (ex. cereal boxes, moving boxes).
 Paper: Clean paper (ex. newspaper, office and household paper, magazines).
 Bagged Shredded PaperClean shredded paper bagged in a clear plastic bag (ex. confidential documents).
 Metal: Clean tin and aluminum cans (ex. soup cans, beverage containers).
 Clear GlassClear clean glass (ex. bottles and jars).
 Bagged Plastic BagsClean bagged plastic bags (ex. grocery bags). 

 Plastics: Clean plastics with a number 1 through 7 recycling symbol.

Accepted at the Yard Waste Sites:

 Branches (max. 8" in diameter)
 Garden trimmings (including weeds)
 Clean pumpkins (not painted)
 Fallen fruit (removed from tree branches)

Accepted in Seasonal Collection Programs:

Accepted at the Waste and Recycling Centre:

(Note: tipping rates may apply)

 Branch and tree trimmings
 Car batteries
 Cooking oil
 Lawn equipment
 Leaves, sod, dirt and grass
 Motor oil, filters and containers
 Propane tanks and bottles
 Wood (lumber)

*There is also a standard recycling depot at the W&R Centre (see 'Depots' above for those items)​

What you can do at home:

For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)