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Recycling Item List

Accepted at the Recycling Stations:

 CardboardClean and flattened cardboard and boxboard (e.g. cereal boxes, moving boxes).
 Paper: Clean paper (e.g. newspaper, office and household paper, magazines).
 Bagged shredded paperClean shredded paper bagged in a clear plastic bag (e.g. household bills)
 Metal cans and foilClean tin and aluminum cans (e.g. soup cans and tin foil).
 Clear glassClear clean glass (e.g. bottles and jars).
 Bagged plastic bagsClean bagged plastic bags (e.g. grocery bags and other film plastics). 
 Hard plastics: Clean plastics with a number 1 through 7 recycling symbol (e.g. shampoo bottle).

Accepted at the Yard Waste Sites:

Branches (max. 8" in diameter)



Garden trimmings (including weeds)

Clean pumpkins (not painted)

Fallen fruit (removed from tree branches)

Accepted in Seasonal Collection Programs:

Christmas trees
Leaves and yard waste

Accepted at the Waste and Recycling Centre:

(Note: tipping rates may apply)

What you can do at home:


Backyard composting

Reduce your waste

For more information

Report a problem like missed collection or mess in lane
Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Service request options