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Safe Needle Disposal

1. I found a needle. What can I do?

2. Advice for parents of small children

3. What are the risks of touching or being poked by a discarded needle?

4. What do I do if I get poked by a needle?

5. What are sharps containers, and where are they available?

6. What do Safe Needle Disposal Boxes look like and where are they located?

 Printable Safe Needle Disposal Guide

 Printable poster: Safe Needle Disposal Tips

Drug and needle debris in public places are a challenging and growing issue for Lethbridge, and our community is not alone. Cities across Canada and the globe are tackling this issue with strategies to ensure communities are as safe and healthy as possible.

Needles are used by people with specific health conditions and people with drug addictions. Safe disposal of these needles reduces the chances of injury. This important information on safe needle disposal is for those who use needles as well as members of the public who may encounter discarded needles in the community. Everyone is safer when needles are disposed of properly.

Goals for our community:

  • Reduce risk and prevent injury to the public who encounter discarded needles
  • Raise public awareness about needle safety
  • Reduce the number of discarded needles in public places
  • Provide options for safe disposal of needles
  • Educate and empower our community to take safe, appropriate action if they find discarded needles

Health & Harm Reduction information:


The City of Lethbridge is one of 16 local organizations that comprise the Lethbridge Executive Leaders Coalition on Opioid Use. The Coalition was formed in fall 2016 to collaborate on a coordinated community approach to effectively address the growing crisis of opioid use in Lethbridge.