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Together the City of Lethbridge with the support from the adaptation resiliency training program at the University of Alberta, has been creating climate adaptation plans for the departments that identified risks in the Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment. To view the City of Lethbridge Climate Projection click here.

Associated Engineering Alberta Ltd. conducted a Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment.  This was completed using the Engineers of Canada PIEVC lite tool.  Departments with infrastructure were assessed.  To view the Vulnerability and Risk Assessment click here.

A corporate baseline assessment was completed using an adapted version of the Green Cities Tool.  Of the selected departments that participated the corporation was ranked as developing sustainable processes.  After 3-5 years, it will be reassessed. Our Target is to hit a ranking of 3 by 2030 and a ranking of 4 by 2040.  For more information on the Corporate Recommendations click here. 

Working in partnership with internal stakeholders there are administrative policies related to sustainability that are being developed.  The Green Fleet Policy has been approved and The Green Meeting Policy is underdevelopment, as well as the Corporate Diversion Policy.  To view the Green Fleet Policy click here.

Future projects include a corporate report card, Community Climate Adaptation Plan, Environmental Master or Sustainability plan.  Stay tuned for more information as it develops. 

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