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Waste & Recycling Centre Master Plan

The City of Lethbridge is developing a Waste & Recycling Centre Master Plan to expand the current Waste & Recycling Centre.  The expansion is to accommodate the projected growth and population increase of the city, county and surrounding communities throughout the southern Alberta region. The Waste & Recycling Centre is an integrated waste management site that includes a Recycling Area, Compost Pad and Landfill. The Master Plan will create a long term plan for the design and development of the Waste & Recycling Centre to ensure future capacity.  The Master Plan project team will continue to keep integrated waste management a priority.
Waste generation will increase with population growth. The Waste & Recycling Centre expansion is necessary to ensure capacity into the future. Facilities for processing and storing compostable and recyclable materials are part of the current Waste & Recycling Centre and will be part of the new site. Expanding the WRC will give the City of Lethbridge the necessary capacity and time to make informed and effective choices about sustainable waste management options moving into the future.

The Waste & Recycling Centre Master Plan project includes several opportunities to learn more about the project and to provide your thoughts and ideas. 

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