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Waste & Recycling Targets

​Household Waste in Lethbridge

The City's Waste Diversion Policy has set specific targets for reducing waste in both households and businesses with the goal of cutting the overall community waste in half by 2030. The Residential Waste Diversion Strategy provides a roadmap to achieving the targets.

Waste Diversion means the amount of materials we divert away from the landfill through programs like recycling and composting. 

Waste Diversion Targets

  • 50% waste diversion rate by 2021 
  • 65% waste diversion rate by 2030 
Waste Disposal means the total amount of material that is sent to the landfill (what we throw away).

Waste Disposal Targets

  • 180 kg/capita by 2021
  • 140 kg/capita by 2030

How are we doing?

Waste diversion and disposal are tracked over time to monitor diversion targets and goals. In 2019, Lethbridge diverted 35% of waste from the landfill, and disposed of 250 kg garbage per capita.

*Special Materials include batteries, paint, tires and electronics.

Did you know? The average household in Lethbridge throws away over 5 pounds of waste every single day. That's almost 2,000 pounds per household each year. Learn how you can reduce your waste here.

Waste & Recycling Documents

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