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Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper and tissue paper are difficult to recycle due to the different materials that make up the wrapping paper. Unfortunately, most of the wrapping paper is not just paper, some contain foil or plastics which are not recyclable.

What's the best option for managing my Wrapping Paper?


The best option for managing your wrapping paper is to use less! Use reusable gift bags, reusable gift boxes or wrap your gifts in newspaper! These options can significantly reduce the amount of waste you produce during the Christmas and birthday seasons.


Reuse your old tissue paper and wrapping paper! This is a great option and it will save you money! As mentioned above, other options are to use reusable gift bags/boxes or reuse old newspapers as wrapping paper.


Disposing of your wrapping and tissue paper is usually the best option as it is hard to tell what is recyclable and what is not. It is better to throw it out rather than contaminate the recycling loads!