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Needle Disposal Boxes

What do Safe Needle Disposal Boxes look like and where are they located?

Needle Disposal Boxes are painted yellow and each have a single, round opening on the side for collecting used needles. Currently, a total of 20 bright yellow Needle Disposal Boxes are installed around Lethbridge in locations where needle debris is a recurring problem. Of this total, 17 are in public locations identified below, and 3 are located on private properties.


North Lethbridge

1. Adams Park – two boxes, one south of Adams Ice Centre, one west of Adams Ice Centre
2. Dave Elton Park - north of the parking area
3. Lethbridge Emergency Shelter & Resource Centre, 802-2A Avenue North
4. Stafford Drive North overpass
5. North fence long railway tracks east of Stafford Drive North overpass

South Lethbridge

6. Galt Gardens – by the public restrooms, under the pergola & behind the SAAG
7. Provincial Courthouse, 320-4 Street South
8. Provincial Building, 200-5 Avenue South
9. Crabb Street Parking Lot, 607-5 Avenue South
10. Bowman Centre - rear of the building
11. Between City Hall & Yates Centre
12. Civic Field - northwest corner, behind YMCA
13. Lethbridge Public Library - parking lot & by the HVAC unit
14. 6 Avenue South bus stop (800 block)
15. YWCA – by the east fence & west of the building in the alley, 604 - 8 Street South
16. London Road Park – 7 Street South & 7 Avenue South
17. Kinsmen Park, 900 block of 10 Street South

Needle Disposal Boxes are also installed at businesses around the city where needle debris has been a recurring problem.

What are sharps containers, and where are they available?

A sharps container is made of hard plastic with a small opening at the top. These containers are specially made for holding used needles and come in various sizes. You can buy sharps containers at most pharmacies. 


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