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Needle Containers

What do Safe Needle Disposal Boxes look like and where are they located?

Needle Disposal Boxes are painted yellow and have a single, round opening on the side for collecting used needles. Currently, there are 12 Needle Disposal boxes installed around Lethbridge in 11 public locations where needle debris has been a recurring problem:


North Lethbridge

1. Adams Park – south of Adams Ice Centre
2. Lethbridge Emergency Shelter & Resource Centre, 802-2A Avenue North
3. Stafford Drive North overpass
4. North fence long railway tracks east of Stafford Drive North overpass

South Lethbridge

5. Galt Gardens – by the public restrooms, under the pergola
6. Crabb Street Parking Lot, 607-5 Avenue South
7. Lethbridge Public Library – in the covered walkway
8. London Road Park – 7 Street South & 7 Avenue South
9. YWCA – by the east fence & west of the building in the alley, 604 - 8 Street South
10. Civic Field – northwest perimeter, behind the YMCA
11. Kinsmen Park, 900 block of 10 Street South

Needle Disposal Boxes are also installed at businesses around the city where needle debris has been a recurring problem.

Additional Needle Disposal Boxes may be installed at other locations as the need arises. If you are repeatedly finding needles in a specific area of Lethbridge, please call ARCHES Needle Pickup Hotline at 403-332-0722, and they will assess the need to install an additional Needle Disposal Box to reduce the risk of unsafe disposal of needles.

What are sharps containers, and where are they available?

A sharps container is made of hard plastic with a small opening at the top. These containers are specially made for holding used needles and come in various sizes. You can buy sharps containers at most pharmacies. 


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