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Spring Cleaning

Buddy Up

Paring down with a partner can help you both stick to your plan. While you're cleaning, use reusable cloths. Instead of throwing away one-use items like paper towels and mop pads, use old t-shirts and other rags that you can wash and use again.

Reusing Items

Individuals who have electronic (and other waste) that has not yet reached the end of its useful life have several reuse options.  These items may be donated to a number of charities and thrift stores, posted on websites such as Freecycle and Kijiji as well as publications like the Lethbridge Shopper facilitate requests and give away of such items.

Hold a Yard Sale

You'll find plenty of relics that need a good home (yours not being one of them). Invite neighbors to bring along their vintage items, make it a community event and get ready to barter the day away! Give proceeds to your favorite charity or buy tree saplings to plant in your yard. You can also help keep gently used items out of our landfill by free-cycling during this spring's Reuse Rendezvous!

Volunteer to Cleanup Local Natural Areas

Sign up to participate in one of Helen Schuler Nature Centers local clean ups. It’s a fun (and eye-opening) way to care for your local environment.

Did you know that the City of Lethbridge offer many services that can help you with your Spring Cleaning?

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