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A corporate guide (similar to the Waste Wizard) that supports employees finding work specific wastes and where to best dispose or recycle them.

Seven corporate locations are participating in organics collection which includes food waste, paper towel and paper plates.  These materials are composted at the Waste & Recycling Centre.

Thirty corporate facilities are included in the recycling program which includes any items that are collected in the residential blue cart.  These materials are taken to the MRF for processing.

Good environmental stewardship is an approach that has been used in the Facility Service Department for building demolition and changed the narrative so that demolition is now deconstruction. Materials from the tear down and removal of a buildings are conducted in a systematic way to reuse and recycle these materials. Take a look at the Deconstruction section of the City Website.

Circular Cities relates to a circular economy, which is an economy that has no waste. The City of Lethbridge was able to participate in a Circular Cities project that created the Roadmap for us to become more of a circular economy. Click here to view Circular Cities Roadmap.  

In order to lead environmental stewardship the in corporation, any no longer used items are collected and repurposed. Items include binders, folders, folder holders etc.  When these items are needed the employees are welcome to use them.  

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Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)