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Current Rates

​​Effective January 1, 2022 the following City of Lethbridge riders are as follows:

  • Rider A:  15.50 % of DT charges
  • Rider B:  $0.00220/kWh
  • Rider C:  $-0.00500/kWh (credit)
  • Rider L : $0.00043/kWh

Going forward, Riders B and C will be reviewed monthly.

LEU will adjust Rider B to reflect the charges/credit from the Balancing Pool. 

LEU will adjust Rider C to reflect the costs of the AESO DTS rate as billed to Lethbridge Electric Utility.​

Rider L:  Per AUC Rule 034  to be charged (for approximately 4 months) for the collection of  unpaid amounts during the Utility Payment Deferral Program. 

 For more information please visit:

​2022 RRO and RDS Energy Rates

                                                  RRO  (kWh)                                                        RDS (kWh)

​January                                      0.12600                                                               0.12776