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Due to the complicated nature of electrical servicing, here are some handy guides to show you how to do it.  It is recommended that you start here if you are seeking servicing.  The appropriate document should direct you to important details in the Technical section of this page.

Residential Electrical Service Request Process

Residential Electrical Service Upgrade Process

Commercial or Industrial Electrical Service Request Process

Commercial or Industrial Electrical Service Upgrade Process

LEU Investment Policy 2017

Rules and Regulations:

These documents are for all customers of the City of Lethbridge Electric Utility.  They describe how our billing works and the standards of behavior of Electric Utility Employees.  

Bylaw 6195 - 2020 Electric Distribution Tariff 

    Bylaw 6144 2019 Electric Distribution Tariff

      2019 Distribution Tariff Fee Schedule 

2016 ​City of Lethbridge ​Code of Conduct Compliance Plan


More detailed information regarding Electric Utility requirements for servicing.  

2014 Technical Terms and Condition for Distribution Wires Access

Customer Metering Requirements 08-23-2018

Underground Electrical Distribution Installation Agreement (November 18, 2010)

Power Quality Specifications and Guidelines for Customers

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