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Power Outages Information

Report a street light outage at or call 311.

You can also follow the City of Lethbridge Twitter account for updates.

Please check the Active Power Outage Map to see if your power outage was scheduled or unplanned.

If you don't see your outage listed and it's been more than 30 minutes, please try to answer the following:

  1. Are your neighbours without power?
  2. Have you checked your main breaker?
  3. Are some of the lights/appliances working in your home?
  4. Do you smell anything unusual?
  5. Did you hear a loud bang in or outside your home?
  6. Did you see a flash of light?
  7. Are there any low hanging wires outside your home?

If your power has been out for more than 2 hours, please report the issue to 311 and share your answers to the above questions. This will help Electric crews troubleshoot the issue.

  • Follow local weather reports.
  • Keep your fridge and freezer doors closed. This will keep items cold or frozen for several hours during an outage.
  • Keep doors and blinds/drapes closed.
  • Turn your thermostat to the lowest setting.
  • Light wood stove or fireplace before house cools down.
  • Do not use camp stoves, barbecues or kerosene fixtures indoors for heating purposes.
  • If using a generator, plug appliances directly into generator.
  • Drain your water lines if there is a chance of water freezing.
  • If there is a chance of freezing pour non-toxic antifreeze into drains and peatraps.
  • Do not enter your basement if it floods, an electrical source may have come in contact with an appliance.  Call a certified electrician to disconnect your electricity,  never touch circuits or breakers while standing or touching a wet surface with your hands.
  • Turn up your thermostat 15 minutes after power is restored.
  • If basement was flooded, have an electrician inspect circuitry.
  • If anti-freeze was used, flush all drains.
  • Plug in appliances 15 minutes after electricity is restored.
  • Turn off standby heating/generators.
  • Replenish your emergency kit if used
Include these items:
  • Fresh water
  • Batteries/flashlight
  • Battery operated radio/clock
  • Cell phone
  • USB battery charger for cell phone
  • Candles/waterproof matches
  • Extra blankets/coats hats and gloves
  • First aid kit
  • Non perishable food items
  • Disposable tableware and cutlery
  • Manual can opener
  • Bottled water
  • Whistle/signal device