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Rates Information

What are the City of Lethbridge Rates? ​​

Energy Rates RRO & Default​

​ ​ ​The term "rates" may refer to two different portions of your electric bill: Energy Rates refer to the costs of the commodity "energy" or "power"; the actual kWh per month that you use.  In Alberta you may purchase energy from the Retailer of your choice.  If you do not choose a retailer, the City of Lethbridge provides energy under the Regulated Rate Tariff sometimes called the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) or Regulated Default Supply (RDS).

"Rates" may also refer to the Distribution Tariff (DT) and includes the Distribution Tariff, the Transmission Tariff and current applicable riders.

The DT covers all maintenance and replacement costs of the distribution system including transformers, meters and services.  Charges for out of the ordinary services can be found in the DT Fee Schedule.  ​

Historical Energy Rates​

Distribution Tariff (DT)

Distribution Tariff Fee Schedule

​​Effective October 1, 2021 the following City of Lethbridge riders are amended as follows:

  • Rider A:  15.50 % of DT charges
  • Rider B:  $0.00230/kWh
  • Rider C:  $-0.00500/kWh (credit)

Going forward, Riders B and C will be reviewed monthly.
LEU will adjust Rider B to reflect the charges/credit from the Balancing Pool.
LEU will adjust Rider C to reflect the costs of the AESO DTS rate as billed to Lethbridge Electric Utility.​

For more information about how electricity is governed in Alberta: