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Tree Safety

Tree Trimming

Tree branches growing into power lines and posing a hazard to both public safety and power supply is a common problem. We caution customers that trees that have grown to a point where they are close to energized power lines must only be trimmed by qualified personnel with the proper tools, equipment and training.  Do not attempt to trim any branches that interfere with power lines.  It is not worth the risk and the consequences could be fatal.  Contact us at 311 for assistance.  There is no charge for this service during regular working hours.

Electric Operations provides a service to trim away branches that are interfering with power lines.  These power lines can be either in front streets, back lanes or the service supplying power to residences and commercial buildings. 

When tree trimming is performed by Electric Operations, the trimmed tree branches will be stacked by the waste disposal bin for future chipping into mulch.

Tree Removal

Cutting a tree that could fall into a power line can be very dangerous or even deadly.  Contact us at 311 if limbs on a tree you wish to cut are in proximity to power lines.

To facilitate the removal of a  tree, we can temporarily remove the service to the residence or commercial building.  This will allow you to hire a tree contractor who can then safely remove the branches or tree.  Electric Operations will then re-install your service once the contractor is finished.  Call 311 for this service.

In the event of an Emergency, please call 311. Electric Operations has a crew member available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safe Planting - Plan Before You Plant

Trees should always be planted away from power lines.
When planting a tree it is important to plan what type of tree you are planting and where you are planting it.  Electrical safety hazards resulting from tree contact may be reduced or eliminated by proper planting. Remember the following tips when planting trees and vegetation:
  • Picture the tree at its full height and width (Will the tree pose a problem in the future when full grown?).
  • Avoid planting trees near power lines. 
  • If you suspect underground power lines, avoid planting trees and vegetation around them. Please contact Alberta One Call to determine the vicinity of power lines before you dig.