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Mobility Accessibility

Vision Statement:
The City of Lethbridge is a place where people of all ages and abilities can participate in the community.

The Master Plan will guide the optimization of our physical infrastructure to allow for equal access to programs and services for ALL people, including those with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities.

The City of Lethbridge has adopted a Mobility/Accessibility Master Plan that will provide direction to new developments, redevelopments, and planning initiatives to ensure equal access within the physical environment is provided to all residents of the city regardless of their ability.

Download the Master Plan

The Mobility / Accessibility Working Group, made up of representatives from across the City, coordinate the approach to championing community accessibility in our physical infrastructure. Our goal is to continue identifying mobility / accessibility concerns and address them as budget and time permits


  • identified "missing links" in pathways and sidewalks
    • these gaps are being filled in each year
  • Revisions to standards for pathways, benches
    • Improved accessibility of pathways were completed in Nicholas Sheran Park and Redwood Park
    • picnic areas in Indian Battle Park were made more accessible using textured, coloured concrete surfaces and wheelchair accessible picnic tables and fire pits
    • length of bench pads increased to accommodate mobility devices
  • Barrier Free component in Bark Park and future park designs
  • Sidewalk Ramp and Joint Improvements
  • Changes in pedestrian push buttons
  • Improvements in roadway lighting for pedestrian crossings
  • Increase in number of accessible bus stops
  • Transit buses have been replaced with low floor, kneeling accessible buses
  • Site design guidelines have been added to Land Use Bylaw to address general pedestrian accessibility
  • Include mobility as a consideration for all City capital grants



If you have any mobility or accessibility concerns or solutions, please let us know.

David Sarsfield, Deputy City Clerk