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Accessible Parking


Find Accessible Parking Stalls

There are 63 accessibility stalls throughout the downtown. Individuals with a parking placard may park at any stall available in the downtown, but accessibility stalls are open only to those with valid placards.

Payment is still required for parking. The accessible stalls will continue to have individual parking meters at each location as they do today. Customers can use this adjacent single-space meter, or can choose to use any of the new multi-space meters. The enforcement agent will check both before issuing any tickets. 

Accessibility Stall Map


Apply for a Permit

For information on how to apply for a parking placard that allows you to use an accessible parking stall, click here.



Penalties for offences under the Lethbridge traffic bylaw are $50. The penalties under bylaw will be reduced to $30 if payment is received within seven days from the date of the offence.

The Province of Alberta sets penalties under the Traffic Safety Act, parking offence fines generally start at $81. There are no reductions applicable to provincial offences.



If you need to file a complaint about accessible parking, please call 311 or 403-328-4444 and a Commissionaire will be sent out Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Complaints can't be anonymous.


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Questions about Accessible Parking?

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