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Downtown Off-Street Parking Lots

Did you know the City of Lethbridge maintains several off-street parking lots including four off-street parking lots within the Downtown?

On January 1, 2016 our two downtown parking lots will become Parking by 10 Hour Permit Only (first come - first serve)
This provides you a new option of parking closer to where you work since the monthly parking permit will allow you to park in any open stall (in a City owned public parking lot) or at any 10 hour parking meter within the downtown.

Things to know:

  • Monthly parking permits are available for purchase on the 4th floor of City Hall located at 910 – 4 Avenue South. Passes may be picked up during business hours Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and are available starting today. The cost for a monthly parking permit is $72 per calendar month.
  • If there are no parking spaces left in a preferred lot, locate a stall in another lot or a 10 hour parking meter, hang your permit from the rearview mirror, with correct month/year scratched off and enjoy your day. The map with the location of the 10 hour parking meters is found at
  •  Please note to provide regular snow clearing and parking lot maintenance overnight parking is not permitted.

Please click the parking lot name to link to a map showing the specific parking lot in the Downtown.

​Parking Lot ​Address ​# of Stalls
​Bur​dett (non plug-in) ​811 - 5th Ave S ​22
Crabb Street (non plug-in)
​607 - 5th Ave S
Still have questions? Please call the Parking Coordinator at 403 320 4085.