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Residential Parking Permit Program

Do you live in an area where parking on the street in front of your home has become difficult because of Institutional (businesses, educational, health facilities, etc.) employee vehicles parking on your residential streets? To help avoid the potential of Institutional parking on residential streets, the City of Lethbridge offers a residential parking permit (RPP) program.

Request for a New Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Area

At the request of the affected community, a petition will be provided by the City to a resident petitioner. The petitioner must take the petition to each address listed and must have the owner(s) of each residence sign if they are “for” or “against” the petition. If two-thirds (2/3) or 66% of the owners are in support of (for) the petition an RPP area will be established.
Please contact Transportation at 403 320 4085 to request an RPP petition package.
RPP guidelines:
  • The RPP area can only be established if two thirds (2/3) or 66% of the owners support the petition. 
  • The zone will be built out from the Institution with no skipped blocks. This means that for a street to be included in an existing RPP zone the next closest street to the Institution must also be an RPP zone. 
  • The zone will be effective from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays unless otherwise requested in the RPP application.
  • The posted time limit will be two hours unless otherwise requested by the community. 
    • This allows visitors the opportunity to park for short periods without a Visitor permit. 
  • The entire RPP zone will be signed with a single time limit for efficient enforcement. 
  • A maximum of four vehicles per residence, within the RPP zone, will be eligible to receive permits as well as one visitor permit. License plate numbers and proof of residency are required. 
    • One permit per vehicle will be issued. 
  • If the Visitor permit is lost or stolen it will not be replaced until the following year. 
  • There is no cost for Residential Parking Permits. 
  • Permits for RPP areas are valid for one year and proof of residency and license plate numbers are required annually at renewal time. 
  • Permits cannot be granted for recreational vehicles, our bylaw does not allow them to be parked on the street for greater than 48 hours. 

Do you live in a Residential Parking Permit area and need a permit?

Residential parking permits are available on the 4th floor of City Hall at 910 - 4th Avenue South during regular office hours. One permit per vehicle will be issued with proof of residency up to a maximum of four per household. To ensure only that RPP permits are only granted to people living within an RPP area license plate numbers and proof of residency are required. Permits for RPP areas are valid for one year and proof of residency and license plate numbers are required annually at renewal time.

Proof of Residency

To prove residency you are required to produce a document showing your address in the RPP area. The preferred proof of residency is your current vehicle registration. Acceptable proofs of residency are: driver’s license, lease agreements or utility bill. For students living within an RPP area who have not changed their vehicle registration, please provide your current lease agreement (showing the lessee's address in the RPP area) as well as current vehicle registration in the lessee's name.

Parking by Permit Only Area

Request for Parking by Permit only zones requests must be made to and approved by City Council only. 

Enforcement of an RPP Area

Enforcement of the RPP areas is provided by Regulatory Services. If you have an issue with the enforcement on your street in an RPP area, please contact Regulatory Services.