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Residential Parking Permit Program

Do you live in an area where parking on the street in front of your home has become difficult because of institutional (businesses, educational, health facilities, etc.) employee vehicles parking on your residential streets? To help avoid the potential of institutional parking on residential streets, the City of Lethbridge offers a residential parking permit (RPP) program.

Current Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Zones

There are four RPP zones in Lethbridge:

  • Zone 2
  • Zone 3
  • Zone 4
  • Zone 5

Click here to see the entire RPP Zone Areas map.


Request for a New Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Area

At the request of the affected community, a petition will be provided by the City to a resident petitioner. The petitioner must take the petition to each address listed and must have the owner(s) of each residence sign if they are “for” or “against” the petition.



Do you live in a Residential Parking Permit area and need a permit?

Call 311 for information on obtaining a Residential Parking Permit.


In order to recieve your permit, you will need:

1. Registration of each vehicle you are requesting a permit for, showing matching name or address to requestor 
2. Proof of residency which could be government issued ID, lease aggreement, utility bill etc. 

Parking by Permit Only Area

Request for Parking by Permit only zones requests must be made to and approved by City Council only. 

Enforcement of an RPP Area

Enforcement of the RPP areas is provided by Parking Operations. If you have an issue with the enforcement on your street in an RPP area, please contact 311 and speak with Parking Operations.

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