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Everything you need to know about parking is just a click away!

Do you have parking questions? Do you want to know where/how to pay for or appeal a parking ticket? Do you have questions about parking Downtown? Are you a resident that is having issues parking on your street because of an adjacent institution? We hope the following information will guide you to the answers you are looking for.


Enforcement and Complaints

What do you do if you receive a parking ticket? What do you do if you receive a violation ticket in the mail? How do you appeal a ticket? What are some common bylaw infractions? What are common parking offences under the Traffic Safety Act? The answer to these and other questions can be found by clicking here


Downtown Parking

The City of Lethbridge uses pay-by-plate, multi-space parking technology in the downtown core. There are three zones (2hr, 3hr and 10hr) available and evenings and weekends are free. For more information on how to purchase parking in the downtown please click here


Parking Lots

Did you know that the City of Lethbridge has five parking lots and parking stalls that are available for monthly lease in the Downtown? Are you an owner and resident of property in the Fairmont or Ridgewood subdivisions who is looking for RV parking? Click here for Downtown Parking Lots or here for RV Parking Lots and have a look. 


RV Parking

Do you own a recreational vehicle (RV)? Learn more about where you can park this vehicle.


Residential Parking Permit Program

Do you live in an area where parking on the street in front of your home has become difficult because of Institutional (businesses, educational, health facilities, etc.) employee vehicles parking on your residential streets? Are you interested in finding out if there is anything you can do? We may have a program that helps. Click here and find out more.


For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if calling using VOIP or outside of Lethbridge)