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6th Avenue South Functional Planning Study

​​Current Status
​Timeline​Study Complete in 2016

About the Study

The City of Lethbridge is conducting a functional planning study for 6th Avenue South from Scenic Drive South to Mayor Magrath Drive South. The primary objective of this study is to develop a long-term functional plan for this important east-west arterial roadway in order to accommodate the anticipated future growth of the City. 
A number of options will be developed and evaluated during the study. Lethbridge residents and businesses will have opportunities to provide input throughout the study process. The Planning Study is expected to be complete in Spring 2016.  


This planning project considers the following:
  • 6th Avenue South is an important arterial roadway connecting West Lethbridge to the rest of the City via the Whoop-Up Drive River Crossing. Planning for 6th Avenue South will help anticipate needs as the City grows to 110,000 and 130,000 population levels.
  • Pedestrian safety continues to be an important consideration on this corridor.
  • The existing traffic volumes vary from 25,000 vehicles per day east of Scenic Drive South to 11,000 vehicles per day on the section west of Mayor Magrath Drive South. These volumes are expected to grow over time.

What's in the Study​

The objectives of the study are as follows:
  1. Traffic conditions on 6th Avenue South between Scenic Drive South and Mayor Magrath Drive South will be assessed; this includes an in-service road safety audit and existing traffic data collection program
  2. Determining the transportation and access requirements for current and forecasted vehicles, pedestrians and cyclist demands while respecting the community vision of the corridor
  3. Developing a functional design that considers future traffic growth and non-motorized use of the 6th Avenue South corridor

Project Activities

​6th Avenue South Planning Study Design Concepts Review - June 17, 2015
Residents are invited to a session to receive an update on the planning study for 6th Avenue South; from Scenic Drive to Mayor Magrath Drive.

Click here to view the presentation.

Click here to view the concept design.

Public feedback session - June 24, 2014
Residents will have the opportunity to review future design concepts and provide feedback as the City of Lethbridge continues progress on the planning study for 6th Avenue South; from Scenic Drive to Mayor Magrath Drive.

Click here to view the presentation.

View the Concepts:
Public feedback session and ongoing communication activities.  
Thank you to everyone that braved the bitter cold on December 6, 2013 to attend the first public feedback session. Over 120 people provided their feedback at the session and an additional 50 residents completed our online survey.
Traffic count survey, in-service safety audit, and current traffic conditions analysis
- Over 24 roadway locations and intersections along this road were surveyed using automatic equipment and technical analysis of the data was undertaken.  An in-service safety audit was also performed using the current Canadian best practices. 
Construction of a travel demand model - A travel demand model has been built in order to assess the growth needs on 6th Avenue South corridors in the next several years as the City grows to the 110,000 and 130,000 population horizons.

Project Timeline

  • Analysis of future traffic volumes and improvement options are currently being undertaken
  • 2nd public engagement will be scheduled Spring/Summer 2014
  • Study and planning work with consultants continues through the summer of 2014
  • Consultant recommendations to be ready Fall 2015


How much of 6th Avenue South is in this planning study?
The study takes into account 6th Ave S, from Scenic Drive to Mayor Magrath Drive.

When might the public see changes in 6th Avenue South?
There is no current or future construction project scheduled or funded by City Council at this time. However, minor improvements may be undertaken based on the recommendation of the study.

What budget has been set aside for construction?
There is no current funding for construction on 6th Avenue South. The only budget set aside is for the current functional planning study in order to prepare for future population growth and roadway requirements.

How do large construction projects get chosen by City Council?
Every 4 years City Council prepares and approves large scale projects through a program called the Capital Improvement Program. You can learn more about this program by clicking here.

What do consultants look at when doing these studies?
Consultants and City of Lethbridge engineers & experts study a multitude of data and information as they plan. This may include but is not limited to roadways, intersections, multi-mode traffic use, safety requirements, residential needs, emergency vehicle and transit requirements and traffic counts. These needs then need to be balanced and weighed as they consider their final study recommendations. It’s not a simple or easy process!

You speak of multi-modal traffic often during this study. What does multi-modal mean?
Multi-modal traffic considers all uses of the roadway; including biking, walking, public transportation and vehicles. Planning for multi-modal traffic means considering the safety needs and ease of movement of all users.

Why does the City of Lethbridge do long range planning?
The City of Lethbridge undertakes numerous planning studies throughout the year in order to understand current needs within the community and to make strategic decisions for future growth. These include Statutory Plans, Regional Plans, Zoning Plans, Area Structure Plans, Neighborhood Studies and more. You may review all current planning at the City by clicking here.

How is London Road potentially impacted by studying and planning for 6th avenue south improvements?
There is additional long term planning being done for the London Road Area. More information about the London Road Redevelopment Plan can be found by cl​icking here.​

How can I find more information about London Road Neighborhood?
More information can be found through the London Road Neighbourhood Association.

Final Report

The 6th Avenue South Functional Planning and Design final report may be downloaded using the links below.

Click here for the Final Report

Click here for the Report Appendices

Project Manager

Ahmed Ali, P.Eng., PTOE
Transportation Engineering Manager
403 320 4038