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Anti-icing and De-icing


Anti-icing is a proactive snow and ice control strategy intending to prevent the formation of ice on the road. The City currently uses a beet juice solution for this process.

Anti-icing involves placing a beet juice solution on the road surface before a winter storm begins in order to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the road. This allows the snow to be windrowed or cleared more easily if needed.


De-icing is a reactive approach to snow and ice control whereby a combination of sodium chloride and calcium chloride is placed on the road to break the existing bond after snow has frozen to the road surface.

De-icing uses pre-wetted sodium chloride to break the bond after snow has frozen to the road surface. Four different mixtures of sodium chloride and sand are used to de-ice road surfaces. The effectiveness of sodium chloride diminishes as temperatures drop, as such we increase the ratio of sand to create additional friction with the road surface.

Although sodium chloride can be corrosive and may require residents to wash their cars and driveways in order to reduce exposure, they are essential to maintain reasonable road surface conditions during the winter months.