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Let's Carpool!  

Why Carpool?

  • Want to reduce stress?  
  • Want to reduce road congestion?
  • Want to meet new friends?
  • Want to reduce your carbon foot print?
  • Want to save money?

How do I participate?

  • Commuters create a Profile by providing the system with your travelling information.
  • Commuters request a ‘match list’. This is a list of matches that the system has determined to be travelling the same way as you.
  • Then contacts are made and days are planned before you know it your having fun and carpooling!!


What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is easy- Just sign up at and find others who are going the same direction as you.

  • Register today in 3 easy steps and find out who shares the same route as you.

Carpooling is fun- make new friends in and out of the office and have an enjoyable trip to wherever you’re going.

  • Meet new people and make friends to enhance your trip, Commuting may help reduce travel related stress!

Carpooling is a money saver- reduce your gas consumption, your parking costs and wear on your vehicle.

  • the average yearly cost to operate a car $9,000 year, or nearly $25 per day!

Carpooling is flexible- Carpooling has very little commitment, carpool once a week or five times and enjoy the benefits, it up to you.

  • Carpool around your schedule its so easy!

Carpooling is environmentally friendly- Reduce your carbon footprint by commuting.

  • Commuting reduces the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the environment 

Not going to work? That’s okay!

 You don’t have to only carpool to work and back, there is always the option of carpooling to school, to events or to local destinations. You never know who’s going to the same place as you; why not share the trip and the fun.

  • Have plans for after work? That’s okay too! You can set up your carpooling time to work around your schedule, carpool as much as works for you.

Lethbridge is a proud supporter of Carpool week it’s held in October every year, great prizes and great fun visit to learn more.


Want to start carpooling at your local office or school? Visit to learn how you can promote carpooling and make the community a greener and less congested place.