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LED Street Light Design Standards

​​The City of Lethbridge has developed a Community Lighting Manual for all roadways and parks lighting needs.  This manual serves as the basis for standards and practices relating to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the City of Lethbridge's street lighting system (otherwise known as Community Lighting).  This manual is based on modern technologies, current practices, and the existing Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Guide for Design of Roadway Lighting.

The City currently uses Leotek (Cobra-head) luminaires for typical LED road lighting designs.  The following are the three types of LED luminaires typically used for local, collector and arterial roads.

The following are typically used in Locals and Collectors:

  • H-series (GCJ1-20H-MV-NW-3-GY-530-PCR7-WL)
  • H-series (GCM2-40H-MV-NW-3-GY-700-PCR7-WL)
  • G-series (GCL1-60G-MV-NW-3-GY-700-PCR7-WL)

The following is typically used in Arterials:

  • G-series (GCL1-60G-MV-NW-3-GY-700-PCR7-WL)
  • G-series (GC2-96G-MV-NW-3-GY-700-PCR7-WL)

Note: Please contact the manufacturer for the latest IES files.

If other options of Leotek products, wattage/driver settings, distribution types or fixture types are requested, these must be approved by the Transportation Department - Community Lighting.

For further questions please contact Richard Brummund at​