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Potholes FAQ

How do potholes develop?

In northern climates such as Lethbridge, dramatic drops in temperature cause the ground beneath roads to heave and the asphalt to crack. When temperatures rise and snow melts the water fills the cracks in a road’s surface; when temperatures drop again the water expands as it freezes, further breaking down the asphalt. Potholes are formed as vehicles ride over top of the damaged areas and further loosen material.

What resources does the City of Lethbridge have to fix potholes?

The Transportation Operations Department has 3 crews dedicated to asphalt repairs during the summer season - 1 Crew specifically works on potholes.  During winter months, potholes are filled on an emergency basis.

When does the City of Lethbridge fix potholes?

Potholes are dealt with year round. During the winter months crews use a variety of techniques to provide reasonable driving surface. A permanent repair is completed during the summer season when Hot Asphalt is available.

How does the City of Lethbridge prioritize which pothole will be fixed first?

Potholes are rated on the following criteria: location (driving lane, curb lane), priority class of street and how hazardous the pothole is for drivers. Locations are developed for the crew's area that allows them to repair the potholes in an orderly manner.

When will the City of Lethbridge fix the pothole on my street?

Each day, a Foreman will visit and rate any potholes that were reported. Only potholes that cause concern in the driving lanes of priority one and two streets will be repaired with a temporary fill. Potholes with the potential for causing damage are considered an emergency and will be repaired as quickly as possible. 

In some cases, what is reported as a pothole is actually a pavement cut/utility cut.  That is when an underground repair required crews to dig up the roadway. Once the repair is completed, the hole is backfilled with gravel and a temporary repair is done. Deficiencies can be reported by calling us. Utility cuts on priority streets will be regularly monitored and will be permanently paved in the summer.

Can the City of Lethbridge fix every pothole on our City streets?

The goal of the Transportation Operations Department is to fix every pothole, unfortunately some years it is not possible due to weather, equipment and staff availability.  All potholes are maintained on a list and will be addressed the following season.

What can I do if there is a pothole on my street?

Please call us or report it online to create a service request.

For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Submit a service request