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Road Repairs and Maintenance

​What is road maintenance? 

Road maintenance includes pothole repairs, crack sealing, minor road repairs and pavement overlay programs. As of the end of 2018, we maintained more than 591 km of roads (570 km of paved roads, 21.5 km of gravel roads) and more than 214 km of back alleys within Lethbridge city limits. 


Is there a plan for repaving existing roads?

Yes. Typically we repave approximately 10 km per year of existing roads through our Annual Overlay Program. A total of approximately $3 million per year is allocated to the Annual Overlay Program from both the Capital Improvement Program and the Operating Budget.
The approximate service life of a road surface is 15-20 years until an overlay is needed. In recent years, we have increased the thickness of asphalt on our roads to 90 mm from 75 mm in an effort to extend the service life of each road.

What is street milling?   

Milling involves the use of an asphalt grinding machine moving the total length and width of a street and milling 60 to 80mm of asphalt off the road surface. The material that is ground off is reused in the new asphalt mix that is used to repave the road. This reused material makes up approximately 14 per cent of the new asphalt content.

Is there a plan for sidewalk repairs?

We maintain approximately 650 km of sidewalks and more than 100 km of asphalt pathways. Sidewalk and pathway repairs include our sidewalk grinding program, minor concrete replacement, major block-to-block replacement and asphalt overlays of pathways.  To reduce trip hazards and create a safe walking environment for the public, we have a renewal program every year that is based on sidewalk distress inventory reduction. We renew approximately 2,000 metres of sidewalk per year based on condition survey information that is updated annually. 

How are bridges maintained? 

The City of Lethbridge maintains 20 road bridges and 31 pedestrian bridges through annual bridge washing, minor repairs and large rehabilitation projects.


How can I get my back alley paved?   

The City of Lethbridge has an alley paving program available to residents.

Yes, the City of Lethbridge owns and maintains railway line!   

The City of Lethbridge owns and maintains 8.9 km of industrial railway lines branching from the CPR mainline.  Click here for railway locations. For CP rail emergencies call 1-800-716-9132. For concerns with City rail lines, contact us.

Have you noticed a bridge, road or sidewalk that needs repair? Contact us!

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Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
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