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Snow Fences

Blowing and drifting snow can cause problems for drivers, pedestrians and City of Lethbridge crews. It can blind drivers, cause accidents and make clearing roads more difficult - at times impossible. For this reason the City of Lethbridge installs snow fences in areas where blowing and drifting snow can cause problems.

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Interesting Snow Fence Facts:

  • The City of Lethbridge installs approximately 17 km of snow fencing before each winter season.
  • 85% of our snow fences are installed to reduce drifting and blowing snow caused by west winds.
  • Most of our snow fences are 1.4-metre-high wood fences.
  • It takes City crews three months to install and two months to remove all the snow fences used.
  • Placing snow fences too close to the road can increase the amount of snow on the road; the distance between fences and the road should be at least 35 times the height of the fence.
  • Although fences should be perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction (west for Lethbridge), the angle can vary by as much as 25 degrees without affecting performance.