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Street Sweeping FAQs

How will I be notified when my street will be cleaned?

To help crews do a thorough cleanup, we need residents to move their vehicles off streets scheduled for cleaning, and we'll notify you in advance several ways:

  • A door hanger will arrive at your home about a week before sweepers will be in your neighbourhood.
  • The evening before sweepers arrive, temporary "NO PARKING" signs will be posted and reminder cards will be placed on windshields of vehicles parked on the street.

On the day that sweepers come to your street, please park elsewhere between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please remember that street sweeping is weather dependent and the schedule can change when it rains..


Why do I have to move my vehicle off the street?

If your vehicle isn’t moved off the street, sweepers will be unable to clean the parking lane and gutter, the two locations where most of the debris collects over the winter. To help our crews do a thorough clean-up, we rely on residents to remove vehicles from streets and park elsewhere on the days scheduled for sweeping.  

What happens if I leave my vehicle parked on the street when sweepers comes to clean my street?

Vehicles still parked on the street the morning after the temporary "NO PARKING" signs have been placed will be ticketed. The fine is $30 under the City of Lethbridge Traffic Bylaw.
Crews will sweep around the vehicle. As sweepers generally do not return to an area once it has been swept, the street in front of your property will remain dirty.

Why do we say "Weather Permitting"?

We need roads to be dry for street sweepers to effectively pick up sand, dust and other debris. Sweeping when roads are wet only leaves a trail of mud and debris instead of a clean street. So, if it's raining on the day sweeping is scheduled on your street, sweeping will be delayed until the rain lets up.

When are roads swept each year?

Spring street sweeping typically takes up to 10 weeks to complete. We begin in early to mid April once the ground and air temperatures are above freezing. Depending on weather conditions and mechanical delays, crews will be out sweeping until all city streets have been swept, usually by early July. We begin on downtown streets and major roads, and then move into residential and industrial areas.

Will the City clean sand and debris off sidewalks?

The City cleans sanding materials off sidewalks and boulevards on major roads. You can help keep our city looking beautiful by sweeping sanding materials off residential sidewalks onto the street before the arrival of street sweepers. 

Will street sweeping equipment cause traffic tie-ups?

No, you will always be able to get by street sweepers. Major roads are swept at night to avoid daytime traffic congestion. Street sweepers are equipped with lights and flashers to warn motorists of their presence. In addition, roads are pre-wetted to reduce dust that may obscure visibility.

Why does the City of Lethbridge sweep the streets every spring?

Street Sweeping is one of the City’s major pollution control programs. Sanding materials and other winter debris make the streets dusty and dirty, and can be dangerous. The sweeping program helps to prevent this material from entering the Oldman River via our storm sewer system, improves air quality by reducing dust, and makes the streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. 

What happens to the debris that is collected?

Sand and debris picked up by street sweepers gets stored and cleaned, and reconditioned sand is reused as fill in road maintenance work. Residual waste material is disposed of in the landfill.

How many streets are cleaned in total?

Our crews sweep about 540 kilometres of streets within Lethbridge city limits.

How many street sweepers does the City have?

Our Transportation Operations department uses a fleet of five street sweepers. One of these is a backup sweeper in the event of mechanical breakdowns on ny of the four main machines. We also use tandem dump trucks to haul the debris we collect and a skid steer loader with a front broom and a water tanker to clean arterial sidewalks, medians and boulevards.

How many City employees are involved in the street cleaning program?

The Spring sweeping program typically involves 9 Permanent and 8 Casual Transportation Operations employees. 

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