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HeadsUP is an alert system for Access-A-Ride clients that provides a “heads up” about your scheduled trips via phone, email or text message.  You can pick which alerts you want to receive and how you want to receive them.  Receive a reminder automated phone call the night before your trip and either confirm or cancel your trip right on that call.  You can choose to receive an alert when the bus is on its way to pick you up letting you know the exact time it will arrive.   Receive emails or text messages as receipts of new bookings, cancellations, changes to your trips or no shows.

Reminder the night before
Expected arrival
Confirmation of booking
Confirmation of cancellation
Confirmation of trip change
No show receipt

To sign up for HeadsUP:

•    Fill out a form and send it to

Heads Up sign up form

Heads Up brochure

•    Talk to your booking agent at 403-329-6464.

*Standard carrier charges for text messaging may apply.