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Lethbridge School Division Bus Routes & Schedules

The 2020/2021 School bus maps will be posted in late August.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's school bus route, please e-mail us at We will be checking our e-mails regularly.  

If you have questions or concerns about school bus eligibility for your child, please contact your designated school for Holy Spirit Catholic School Division or the school board if you are enrolled in the Lethbridge School Division.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up and drop off times.
**Bus routes and maps are subject to change**

​Coalbanks Elementary School W-1​

Park Meadows Elementary School N-1

​Fleetwood-Bawden Elementary School
École Agnes Davidson

Fleetwood-Bawden Elementary School
École Agnes Davidson

​Fleetwood-Bawden Elementary School
École Agnes Davidson

​Fleetwood-Bawden Elementary School
École Agnes Davidson

​Fleetwood-Bawden Elementary School
École Agnes Davidson

Dr. Gerald B Probe Elementary School W-1

​​Dr. Gerald B Probe Elementary School W-2

​French Immersion W-1

(LCI - G. Paterson - Bawden) 

French Immersion W-2

(LCI - G. Paterson - Bawden)

​French Immersion W-3

(LCI - G. Paterson - Bawden)

​​G. S. Lakie Middle School W-1 

​G. S. Lakie Middle School W-2

​​​​​G. S. Lakie Middle School W-3

​​Galbraith Elementary School N-1

​​Gilbert Paterson Middle School S-1

​​Gilbert Paterson Middle School S-2

​​Gilbert Paterson Middle School S-3

​​Gilbert Paterson Middle School S-4

Gilbert Paterson Middle School S-5

​​Lakeview Elementary School S-1

​​Lakeview Elementary School S-2

​​Lakeview Elementary School S-3

​​Lakeview Elementary School S-4

​Mike Mountain Horse Elementary School W-1 

​​Senator Buchanan Elementary School N-1

​​Senator Buchanan Elementary School N-2

Senator Buchanan/Westminster N-2

(Monday, Tuesday & Thursday PM Only)

​​Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School W-1

​​Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School W-2

​​Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School W-3

​​Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School W-4

​​Senator Joyce Fairbairn Middle School W-5

​​Westminster Elementary School N-1

​​Wilson Middle School N-1

​​Wilson Middle School N-2

​​Wilson Middle School N-3

​​Wilson Middle School N-4

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-1

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-2

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-3

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-4

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-5

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-6

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-7

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-8

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-9

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-10

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-11

​Chinook High School & CCH West W-12

​Coalbanks Elementary School W-1

École ​Nicholas Sheran W-1

​École ​Nicholas Sheran W-2

​​École ​Nicholas Sheran W-3

​​École ​Nicholas Sheran W-4

​​Lethbridge Collegiate Institute S-1

​​​Lethbridge Collegiate Institute S-2

​​​Lethbridge Collegiate Institute S-3

​​​Lethbridge Collegiate Institute S-4

​​​Lethbridge Collegiate Institute S-5