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School Bus Rules & Regulations

Rules and Etiquette

Lethbridge Transit and the local school districts expect students to be well behaved while riding the bus.  The bus is an extension of the classroom and the rules for the level of behaviour that is expected in the classroom is also expected on the bus.  It is the primary responsibility of the driver to transport students safely to and from school.  A drivers attention must be on the road and not on student behaviour.  For more information on student behaviour and school bus service, please view our school bus brochures:

Holy Spirit - Rules and Regulations

SD51 - Rules and Regulations

School Buses and 8 Way Signal Lights

Know Your Zone Safely Home

Missing Child Protocol

Yes, school bus student passes must be shown to the every time they board the school bus. Transit Youth Breeze cards must be scanned every time they board a Transit Bus. At the operator’s discretion, fare evaders may be evicted from or refused transportation on transit buses.

School issued passes for School Buses cannot be shared with other students on any school route. City of Lethbridge – Transit Youth Breeze Cards are not transferable. If a Breeze cards is passed to someone else, it will be confiscated and students evicted from the bus.

Lost and found items are left on the school bus for approximately one week and then turned into the Transit office. Items left on a Transit bus are turned in nightly. If you are looking for an item or found an item please call 403-320-3885.

The school bus operation regulation of the Motor Transport Act, which deals with the carrying of luggage, equipment and tools (such as band instruments, sports equipment) states "they shall not be carried in the interior of a school bus" unless "they can be stored under the seat, do not block aisles or emergency exits, cannot be dislodged when the brakes of the school bus are applied, during acceleration of the school bus or in the event of an accident involving the school bus".

The driver is responsible for ensuring that items are transported in accordance with this section. As these items cannot be secured, (tubas, trombones, saxophones, french horns, skate boards, skis, hockey sticks, scooters, large hockey bags, and curling brooms, suitcases with wheels, large shop projects etc.) they are not allowed on the bus.

Students may only carry those items which can be held safely on their laps. The items must not stick up above the seat and must not be wider than 33 cm x 33 cm x 59 cm (13”x13”x23”) so as not to intrude in another student’s space or stick out into the aisle. Items allowed on the school bus must be held on the students lap at all times.

Students are requested to be at their stop 5 minutes prior to the bus arrival. Drivers are not required to wait for students who arrive late at their stop as it alters the bus schedules. The bus will not leave the school until 7 minutes after students have been dismissed.

Do not cross in front of the bus after exiting. Cross the street at marked crosswalks or intersections after the bus has pulled away.

Transportation is provided for eligible students from a designated pickup to & from school (not to baby sitters, music lessons, job related activities, sports events, etc.) Drivers are not responsible for students who get off at stops other than their designated stop, or students who catch a route which is not their designated route.

Only eligible students, drivers or authorized persons may ride the bus. Students wishing to take friends home are responsible for finding their own way home.

News releases will be provided to various radio stations after receiving direction from the school board as to whether a cancellation will take place in the morning. In the case of a midday decision (early dismissal) parents will be notified. Students cannot be sent home if arrangements have not been made for after school care and will be dismissed at regular times.