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Lethbridge Transit is proud to introduce the cityLINK network which takes effect on August 25, 2021. The cityLINK project represents a total redesign of transit in Lethbridge. Combining High Frequency Lines, Neighbourhood Lines and Demand Response Zones, cityLINK intends to improve the lives of Lethbridge citizens through physical, economic, and social mobility. 

What is On Demand?


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cityLINK FAQ's

Accordion Answer
Based on the September 8, 2020 Resolution, Lethbridge City Council authorized cityLINK/Demand Response pilot project.
  • Fixed Route – restructuring of fixed route system to increase efficiency and effectiveness to make Demand Response possible.
    • Quick, straight, fast and frequent.
  • Demand Response (Transit on Demand) – Introduction to areas/time periods that have low demand.
    • Flexible and adaptable

​cityLINK is projected to save up to $350,000 per year.

  • ​Significantly decrease travel time for the majority of customers and potential customers.
  • Demand Response Zones provide access to transit for everyone.
  • Rapid 10/10 service between the University and the City Center.
  • Bi-directional network lines.
  • Fewer large-size buses on narrow streets.
  • Reduced operational Transit costs - service level appropriate to demand.
  • Provide the highest level of transit service to the greatest number of people within our approved budget.
  • Ensure impact to existing customers is mitigated.
  • Create a system that enhances mobility.

​cityLINK network is designed to maximize potential efficiency and effectiveness by providing appropriate levels of transit service to current and potential customers. In areas where high ridership potential exists, frequency will improve and trip times will be reduced. In areas that have low ridership potential, demand response service will be introduced in order to ensure that these areas maintain access to public transportation. Additional service level determinations will be based on time of day and day of week, but the span of service for Lethbridge Transit will remain unchanged.


​cityLINK Demand Response provides service to zones where Transit lines are not available. Demand Response provides customers with access within each zone and connects customers to Neighbourhood and High Frequency Lines offering more opportunities.

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Booking a Ride

  • Use the Rides on Demand App which is available on the Apple or Android App Stores
  • Call 311

We will drop you off within the same Demand Response zone or at an associated transfer hub. Watch for the vehicle to pull up and be ready! Because we have other passengers waiting, we will only wait for 2 minutes.

You should book your trip when you are ready to leave – the bus will arrive within 20 minutes of booking.

Where can I take Demand Response from/to

  • You can take Demand Response from any point in an active demand zone or a designated cityHUB
  • You take to Demand Response to any point within the zone you are being picked up in or to the designated cityHUB to transfer to other services. 

It is the Law in Alberta that all passengers in the size of vehicles that offer Demand Service must wear a seatbelt. Children younger than 6 or less than 40 pounds must be restrained in an approved car seat, which you must bring with you. 


For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Address:  City Hall, 910 4 Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 0P6