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Locate requests submitted to Alberta-one-Call (CLICK BEFORE YOU DIG), are marked by coloured lines (water-soluble paint), stakes or flags in the colour to represent the various services.

White – proposed excavation
Pink – temporary survey markings
Red – electrical, lighting cables
Yellow – gas, oil, steam
Orange – telephone, cable, TV, signals, alarms
Blue – potable water
Green – sanitary and storm sewer, culverts
Purple – reclaimed water, irrigation, slurry

Black - Black paint marking on your property are part of an Electrical Engineering Design study. This paint is washable and no excavation will occur.

Locate marks identify the horizontal alignment of the buried utilities. Locate marks are approximate only and exposing lines by hand-digging helps prevent accidents.

If you did not request the locate, it is possible that the City of Lethbridge or another utility company requested the locate to do work in the vicinity (for example Shaw or Telus). This work could include the installation of new cables, telephone lines, trees or sidewalks.