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Weeds and Unsightly Premises

Controlling Weeds

If you have a weed complaint, please contact Regulatory Services at 403 320 3074. So we can follow through with your complaint, please be ready with the address of the complaint as well as your name, address and phone number.
Under provincial legislation the City of Lethbridge is obligated to attend to the control of restricted weeds within the City.
If you receive a weed notice you must please comply with the information within the notice by the indicated date. Those Property owners who choose not to comply will be billed for the work performed by the City of Lethbridge. 
If weeds are sprayed rather than cut and removed, please contact Regulatory Services and let us know the actions you have taken.
There are no regulations pertaining to the control dandelions within the City of Lethbridge.

Unsightly Premises

 The City of Lethbridge has set regulations pertaining to the condition of properties exclusive of dwellings. Bylaw 5630, or the Unsightly Premises Bylaw states that properties must be maintained in a consistent manner to those within a one-block radius.

Violations of this bylaw would include an excess amount of debris or items externally stored on a residential property, storing more than one unregistered vehicle and/or storing a vehicle with the super structure removed.

If you have a concern surrounding the condition of a property, please contact Regulatory Services at 403 320 3074. The property will be inspected and if there appears to be a violation of the bylaw a notice will be issued to the property owner.

If you receive a notice from the City of Lethbridge you are required to comply with the direction.