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Aquatic Invasive Species

​​​​Protect our water and infrastructure from Aquatic Invasive Species!


Aquatic invasive species pose substantial risks to the economy by clogging pipes and intakes, decreasing property value, and changing native fisheries.  

Aquatic mussels that hitch a ride on boats could carry a cost of at least $75 million annually if they make their way into lakes, rivers and irrigation canals, according to Alberta Environment.

 The invasive species, zebra and quagga mussels, are spreading throughout the western United States and Eastern Canada — making it as far west as Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.





There’s no record of the non-native mussels in Alberta waterways, but several infested boats were intercepted last year. Aquatic invasive species pose substantial risks to the economy by clogging pipes and intakes, decreasing property values, and changing native fisheries.


CLEAN-DRAIN-DRY Clean - Drain - Dry your boat! 

Find out how you can help keep Aquatic Invasive Species from hitchhiking into Alberta, by reading the information below on Goldfish, Prussian Carp, or clicking on the information links at the bottom of the page. 


Have you seen GOLDFISH, KOI or PRUSSIAN CARP in your storm pond​? Find out more about goldish in Lethbridge storm ponds.

"Never release aquarium or domestic pond water, plants, dead or live animals into water bodies. Common aquarium and pond plants and animals can become invasive when released into the wild, increasing competition for limited resources while potentially spreading diseases to native species."

Under the Fisheries (Alberta) Act, a prohibited species list has been created that has 52 species of aquatic invasive fish, plants and invertebrates – all of which are now illegal to be imported, sold, transported or possessed in Alberta. Individuals releasing fish into public waters can face penalties up to $100,000 and a year in prison. 

​Click on the images below to read more about releasing animals into water bodies.​

BYLAW 5596 Section 2
​​“Aquatic Invasive Species” means non-native species that have
been introduced from other countries or ecosystems and threaten
Alberta’s ecosystems and biodiversity. Aquatic Invasive Species are
identified in the Fisheries (Alberta) Act, R.S.A. 2000, and include, but
are not limited to, Prussian carp (goldfish), Silver carp, Snakehead,
Zebra mussel, Eurasian water milfoil and Purple loosestrife.”​
If you find goldfish or other non-native species in your storm pond, you can catch them and dispose of them. DO NOT RELEASE THEM BACK to the storm pond, please.

Quick facts about Prussian Carp

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​More Information:

Environment Canada

Alberta Parks

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