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Don't Rush Think before you Flush


Don't Rush.
Think before you Flush!

Think before you flush and avoid spending thousands of dollars on costly repairs.  Our sewer
system is dealing with more and more clogs caused by items that were never meant to be flushed down the toilet.
There are many items that claim to be flushable but in reality are causing sewer blockages, clogs and backups and costly repairs for home owners. Please read the following list of  'unflushables'.

1. Fats, oil, and grease

This is a tough one, and everyone has done it at one point, but cooking fats should NEVER go in the drain or garbage disposal. It seems like a liquid when it’s hot, but as soon as this grease hits the drain, it cools and congeals, becoming pipe-clogging wax. Solution- Scrape it into the trash, or, if it’s clean bacon fat, save it in a jar for reuse.


2. Rags, bathroom wipes  and paper towels

These “moist towelettes” nicknamed “adult baby wipes” are becoming an increasingly popular bathroom accessory. Despite the fact that they’re marketed to be flushed like toilet paper, these wipes are creating clogs and backups in sewer systems around the world. Solution-Toss wipes, rags and paper towels in the trash.


3. Feminine Hygiene Products

Many types of feminine hygiene products (tampons, sanitary napkins) expand and have water absorbing chemicals embedded in the product. They expand and clog the pipes resulting in costly repairs for home owners and the wastewater treatment plant. Solution-Wrap used feminine hygiene products with toilet paper and toss them in the trash.

4. Hair

Whether it’s human hair or pet fur, never ever flush hair down the toilet or down the drain. It does not break apart into loose pieces; instead it stays clumped together and forms large masses. Solution- Hair from your brush should always be tossed in the trash. 



 Find out what happens after you FLUSH



Click on the diagram and follow the FLUSH as it takes you through the City of Lethbridge Wastewater Treatment Process.






I Don't Flush

These are just a few of the well-known Canadians who are taking the ‘I don’t flush’ pledge—helping to keep our water clean and free of pharmaceuticals.

See what should never be flushed with this Epic Poo Race comic, courtesy of the Town of Canmore.

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Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Submit a service request