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Water Conservation

Looking for ways to save money and reduce water use within your home and yard?

 Outdoor Water Conservation         Indoor Water Conservation
 Finding water LEAKS                     ​​  Check your summer water usage!

 Oldman Watershed Council​​​            City of Lethbridge Initiatives

Water Events

Water events can happen and we may need community efforts to help reduce water use. There are also ways to be proactively prepared for water events in your home and business.
 ​Spring Runoff                                  Protective Plumbing Incentive Program
 Water Rationing                              Basement Flood Handbook 
 Quick Tips: Water Conservation      Home Flooding Prevention




Education & Outreach

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Need help with lesson plans? Looking for fun, cool videos about the water in our community?

Stormwater programs                    Lesson Plans

 Yellow Fish Road Program              Storm Water Lesson Plan
Adopt A StormDrain                       Bottled Water, Tapped Out Lesson Plan
 Gutter Buddy                                  More Lesson Plans  

Videos  & Tours

 Kids and Water Management   
 Water Treatment Plant Online Tour     
 Wastewater Treatment Video (3.5 Min)         
 Wastewater Treatment Video (9 Min)

Tour Information: For an in depth look at our wastewater process, we invite you to take the Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour. Contact 403 320-3081 to schedule a tour.


For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Submit a service request