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Flood Prevention


Lethbridge receives approximately 275 millimetres of rain each year, most of which falls from May to October. Our spring and summer storms tend to drop large amounts of rain over short periods of time. During major rainstorms the sh​eer volume of water can back up drainage systems and flood basements.


The City of Lethbridge wants to be proactive in communicating with residents about how to protect their homes from flooding. We want to share with you the common reasons for basement flooding and the many things you can do to prevent basement flooding.




Common reasons ​for bas​ement flooding

  • Overloading of the wastewater and stormwater collection systems. For more detailed description click here.
  • Poor lot grading may contribute to basement flooding.
  • Plugged or damaged eavestroughs and downspouts
  • Downspouts not being extended
  • Water from window wells
  • Cracks in basement floor and foundation wall
  • Leaking weeping tile
  • Sump pump and backwater valve not working
  • Gutters and stormdrains plugged with debris.

 Sump Pump Design - Criteria for design

(click on the diagram below to bring up a larger pdf version)

What can you d​o to help prevent​ basement flooding? 


What do I do if my ​​basement is flooded?

Basement flooding-Next steps 

Subsidy ​​Pr​ogram

Protective Plumbing Incentive Program - The purpose of the program is to offer owners of older homes an incentive to reduce their risk of sewer backup. The program is currently limited to homes built before 2000 and that have experienced sewer backup.



Protect Your Home From Flooding-A guide for Lethbridge residents

Handbook for reducing basement flooding - Designed for Safer LivingR is a program endorsed by Canada's insurers to promote disaster-resilient homes. Find out more about how you can reduce your chances and your neighbours' chances of having basement flooding.

For more information

Phone: 311 or 403-320-3111 (if outside of Lethbridge)
Online: Submit a service request