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Calculating Water Usage

Did you know that onaverage, Lethbridge residents use 272 litres of water per person per day?

Calculate how much water you use in one day 

Step 1

Look at your utility statement. Your water consumption will be in cubic metres (m3). Your meter read days will equal the total number of days that your meter was read.

Step 2


Calculate your DAILY water usage per person per day in your household.

This calculation shows that  each person uses  241 litres of water per day. 

Step 3

Would you like some great ideas on how to reduce your water usage? With a few small changes in your water use it's easy to reach the water conservation goal of 166 litres or less per person per day.


Find out how our water consumption compares


Other Resources 

  • Register and sign into eUtility to see a graph of your monthly/yearly water consumption

  • Compare your Summer Water Usage to neighbourhoods in Lethbridge



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