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Lot Grading, Eavestroughs & Window Wells

Lot Grading

  • Check and maintain your lot grading annually.

  • Proper lot grading ensures surface water flows away from your home. A drop of 10-15 centimetres for the first 1.5 metres from your home’s foundation is recommended
  • Check for cracks in your driveway, sidewalk and patio. Use silicone to seal cracks in these concrete surfaces to prevent water from seeping into your basement.
  • Maintain positive grading under steps and decks. This can be achieved by backfilling these areas with dirt and compressing the dirt by compacting it with a pole or a shovel.

                Photo courtesy of City of Edmonton  







    Lot Grading Permit

    Lot Grading Bylaw

    Landuse Bylaw 5700 pdf



Eavestroughs and Downspouts

  • Ensure that your downspout extensions are extended a minimum of 2.0m prior to any rain storm.
  • Check and maintain your eavestroughs and rain gutters annually. Use silicone to seal holes or cracks in your eavestroughs, downspouts and extensions.
  • Ensure eavestroughs are properly sloped to allow for optimum water movement. Regularly remove debris like leaves and twigs that can block water flow.
  • Ensure elbows and downspouts are in good working order and are properly connected
  • Downspout extension should be a minimum of 2.0 metres (6') away from your foundation. Ensure your downspout does not extend to your neighbour’s property.
  • Splash pads should be used to direct water that is discharged from your downspout.



Downspouts should not be connected to your foundation drain as this can overload the stormwater system during heavy rainfall. If your downspout is connected directly to your foundation drain it is recommended that you have it disconnected.

Window Wells

Use window wells around basement windows, if necessary, to bring up your lot grading. An added benefit is that wells prevent dirt from rotting your window sills. Consider installing window well covers to help divert water from your foundation.

         Diagrams courtesy of: Copyright 2009 Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, Author Dan Sandink


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